Juan Domínguez

Foto: Ronda Repotente

What is your trademark as an artist?
In the last few years I´ve been working with the relationship between language and body. I explore how we understand movement through language and also how we use language to talk about movement. When I started to make my own work I realized that I had to mix movement and language to come to what I wanted to express. By studying linguistics I got tools that help me to break rules and invent new ones that affect the understanding of reality.

What can the festival visitors expect from your piece?
It depends on the visitors and on the mood they are in. I hope the audience that is coming to see BLUE is a very curious one. It is about creating a twofold parallel experience between performers, spectators and the intersection. I work with language in order to play with reality and fiction. This is why I used the title BLUE, that is written in red. It is not about colours, it is about the gap that is created when you read it.

Where do you get inspiration?
Inspiration is everything. It can be some experience you didn´t even consciously have. I think it is a mix of current, previous and future preoccupations. And intuition. It plays an important part in my work.

Which role do other arts play in your work?
I´ve worked with linguistics. Philosophic essays about the topic I'm working on are always welcome, which help me to understand a lot.
Lately I'm also looking into quantum mechanics. But all these sources are not explicit in BLUE. They give me  tools to understand reality and to play with it.

What are your plans as an artist?
I have three different projects for the next two years. There will be collaborations with other artists. One project is supposed to be a choreography/ theatre series with probably six episodes. The exciting question will be how to work with this concept of episodes and their temporality.

Der Spanier Juan Domínguez ist Performer und Choreograf. Er studierte Ballett, zeitgenössischen Tanz und Video in Spanien und den USA. Seit 1997 arbeitet er als Performer u.a. mit den Kompanien Bocanada Danza, Blanca Calvo, Olga Mesa und den Choreografen Cesc Gelabert, Jérôme Bel, Xavier Le Roy und Tino Seghal. Seit 1992 entwickelt er seine eigenen Stücke in Zusammenarbeit mit verschiedenen Choreografen. In seinen Arbeiten spielen die Parameter Zeit und Raum eine besondere Rolle und die Grenzen zwischen Fiktion und Realität werden immer wieder ausgelotet. So entstehen Räume dazwischen, die die Grenzen der Wahrnehmung sprengen.
2004 und 2005 war er Artist in Residence im Podewil (Berlin) und ist seit 2003 Leiter und Kurator des Festivals In-Presentable/ La Casa Encendida in Madrid. (MB)


"BLUE" 29. + 30.8. / 20 h / HAU 2